Curriculum Vitae – Monica

The Author (Monica)

I came.  I saw.  I have delighted in, and eventually I will leave this earth! Hopefully I will have tilled its soil well nourishing it and its people with, and in, and through the Lord.

I was born!  I live!  I will live forever! As will all of you!

Since I was born I have grown physically from 6.5 pounds to whatever I now weigh and have lengthened over 6 ft. tall.

I would like to say, that like the lord I have grown “in wisdom and age and grace before God and man.” My greatest schooling has been the way of the Cross.  And my greatest teachers have been the Prophets, especially Jeremiah!

I have learned to talk, walk, read, write and meet all the challenges that life has sent my way – to greater and lesser degrees of success.

I have little materially to show for this journey and for this I am very glad, but at times wonder how the Lord will provide.

Throughout these milestones in living I have grown intellectually and much more importantly, spiritually.

Little of this intellectual growth happened within schools but rather in the halls of life.

I am a person of limitless and eclectic curiosity.  And I particularly love to pass on what I have learned, especially when this has to do with the Lord and his love for us.

Twelve years were spent in the convent, where for 3 years I was educated by the Jesuits in scripture, theology, spirituality, philosophy and canon law. These years in Religious Life were a gift of the Lord!

I worked in the area of emotional healing, after studying child psychology.  For eight years I worked with emotionally disturbed children and their families.

I lived and worked with the mentally handicapped for 8 years at L’Arche.

For nine years I coordinated Religious Education of Children and taught parents in preparation for their children’s First Communion. For twelve years I taught Adult Scripture Classes on a regular basis.

I have taken a year’s course in Pastoral Counselling and worked in the emergency ward and abortion ward of a general hospital.

For 18 years I coordinated and taught RCIA, as well as baptism classes to adults who wished to have their children baptised. More than anything I want people to know the wonders of our God and the true purpose of our existence!

I lived as a hermit for 2 years.  And I have lived very much as a hermit over many years because of chronic diseases that have necessitated long hospital stays, and even longer recuperations.

I have planted numerous gardens in this garden of life. I have had pets all of my life, and even bred Roller Canaries for many years. These activities have afforded me many hours of contemplation!

Much time has gone into learning alternate medicine and healing, which has been used effectively to keep me in health as well as provided opportunities to help others.

I have made 2 Ignation 30 Day Retreats and numbers of Ignation 8 Day Retreats.  As well I have made a continuous Ignation Retreat that lasted 6 months.

The above has lead to guiding people on Retreats and also giving spiritual counseling.

And, yes, I have had formal education – elementary school, high school in Archdiocese of Vancouver, Canada; post high school education and university at the University of London, Ontario, (at the Catholic colleges of Brescia and Kings) where I studied philosophy, theology, particularly the Churches teaching on Social Justice, English Literature, psychology and Anthropology.  I have also attended sessions on Canon Law in general and in the area of marriage, and I have taken courses on Liturgy.

This, in little more than a proverbial nutshell is who I am.