An Abortionist’s Nightmare?

An Abortionist’s Nightmare?

If Mary were an unwed mother today, would the demand be on her to have an abortion?
Would the fetus be used for parts, to further man’s control over the production of humans?
What would be discovered as they dismembered the baby?

Would anyone in the slaughter house –
(one cannot in honesty say ‘abortion clinic’ –
‘clinic’ has to do with health and well being) –
would anyone have a Pauline experience of the Lord –
“Why are you persecuting me?”
Surely –
Surely there are some abortionists who have twinges of tampering with the divine.
Surely some abortionists must have moments of seeing themselves on the table, –
their mother, their sister, their grandmother, their aunt.

Surely some Catholic abortionists,
at least one or two,
have had it cross the periphery of their mind
or imagination –
that this woman could be Mary, –
this baby could be Jesus?
And with this fleeting thought there must be nightmares.
There must be nightmares that scream out “Why are you persecuting me!?”

Maybe the nightmares are present!
Maybe the nightmares scream out in warped voices –
“Ha! Ha! Ha! You are a god! You control life and death!
You are a god! King of the garbage dump of life!
The latest in recycling depots!”

And you writhe
and you twist
and you turn
your insides becoming knots that will not loosen.

You find yourself, –
the self appointed controller of life and death, –
dying within.
A scream struggles to find passage through a twisted gut!
The world around gradually, slowly loses all colour,
brightness and life, and fresh air.

slowly a distorted scream makes its way out –
retching its way through twisted vocal cords.
In panic the realization comes that you,
you are being aborted,
you are killing yourself!

Within the nightmare there is a tiny light.
It is on the other side of the door.
you reach for it.
Gasping, you grasp the handle to throw the door open.
But, but –
the light is reaching for you.
Your mother, sister, aunt, grandmother –
Mary – has a hand extended,
reaching out to you.
With her is your brother,
Jesus –
the one you would have dismembered for parts.

Your name must be Rachel,
as you weep ,
weep for the children you have dismembered.
The weeping is cleansing.
It is a baptism!
It is new life.
The salted tears flow!

“Go and sin no more!”
“Go and catch people! Rescue them from the deeps of the world!”

You !
You are reborn to new life!
Come into the light!”

Pray, pray that such nightmares happen!
Pray, pray that such new life happens!

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