Five hours with the Lord –

Listening hours –


Listening, listening to the Word of the Lord.

Words that were a sense of realization-

And words that were indeed words


Spoken by the Lord.


Dreams that were spoken in the early morning night

Almost incessant words.


Tossing, turning, struggling to sleep.

Sleep was not allowed.
Words, calling, beckoning –

Gently, incessantly.

Speaking clearly even in sleep –


Scripture rousing into consciousness.

Over and over again

Incessant in my slowness to respond.

It seemed a crowd was present

Watching, waiting, willing my response.


O Lord, if I could only sleep!

The clock, read 2:50 AM.

My blurry consciousness was saying 3 O’clock.


Three O’clock?

Three o’clock – I am hungry. Supper was small last     night.


Then – 3 O’clock!


The hour of prayer, of watching and praying!

O Lord! Okay! I hear you calling!

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!”

Psalm 122, verse 6 –


It was a command!

So I obeyed – arose – prayed

For the next five hours I prayed!


Sitting with this passage and more
Spoken in my troubled sleep!


Oh the insights –

The awarenesses

So profound and shattering at the same time!


“There will be no peace in the Middle East

Nor elsewhere on earth

Until Jerusalem

Comes to Spiritual Peace!”



In every earthly dimension we can conceive,

Jerusalem –

The hub of our spiritual


Our physical well being!
The awareness over the five hours –

Grew and grew and grew!


Breathing became laboured to take this in –

The truth of this, at once exhilaratingly enlivening

Devastating in its realization!


I saw passages of Scripture in such simple depths –
Juxtapositioned with history right up to the present!

Oh my! How God works!
We are all,

All of us Jerusalem!

God has ordained it so!

He died and rose there for all of us!

He wept over us,

He wept over Jerusalem!

Spilled his sweat like blood over it!


He verbally fought for it,

Displayed his outrage within the Temple!


Putting all before the Father,

Calling people, to the truth.


He redeemed the world,

The whole world!

Within Jerusalem’s boundaries!

Washing its streets in his blood and tears.
Jerusalem has nothing,
Nothing to offer the world


But God!

Within its boundaries all major religions declare their roots!
A Mound!

Wall, Mosque, Church


Physically nothing but a pile of rocks! –


Rocks shattered at the Resurrection –

Rocks to become living stones!


From Jerusalem –

Throughout the universe –

God’s message of love,


Brotherhood –


And the ultimate meaning of life from

Creation, to death, to life –

God’s word has gone out to all the world!


In Jerusalem,

God raised his arms to embrace the world!

Like a mother hen drawing her chicks under her wings!
And, Yes!


To be gathered where?
Into the heavenly Jerusalem!

It is to there that all are called!

To dwell in peace together, praising God!


To the heavenly Jerusalem –

“People of every race, language, and nation, a people for God!” (Revelation 5:9)

Singing together with creation:

“All praise, honour, glory and power, to our God!

For ever and ever.” (Revelation 5:13)


Oh, the peace,

The community of Jerusalem!


Peace is not political!

Peace is Spiritual!
Listen! Jerusalem!

The descendents from all the major religions have
Desecrated their teachings –

Teachings built in scriptural foundation

Embedded in the rock of Jerusalem!


Thus –

Oh! Thus we have become morally decrepit –

Devoid of all inner peace!


Jew, Moslem and Christian –

With the basic tenant of its faith –


The will of God in all things:

“Hear, Oh Israel, our God is one!”

“Allah be praised!”

“Our Father… hallowed be thy name!”


Dear God! Oh dear God! –
We do not live it!


And we kill the prophets that declare this peace, this will of God!

Prophets – the people of true faith – not earthly power!

“Precious” – Gollum, of Lord of the Rings –

“Precious” is having his way!

In order to awaken us!
All the aberrations within each of these faiths

Infecting all the world!


What is happening in this third world war –

This world war we are now living,


Is nothing but –

Nothing ! But!


The result of having ears but not hearing,

Having eyes but not seeing,

Sclerosed hearts!

Utter moral mayhem

Reaching a universal crescendo –


Heard in every facet of our life!

We must!
Yes! Must!

Must hear universally that call to prayer –
Heard everyday in Jerusalem!
The muessins’ call,

The shophar’s call,

The call of the tolling of the bells –
Yes, everyday heard throughout Jerusalem!


But –

Not Heard!

The ears are jarred by the sounds –

The heart does not perceive!


The Universal Jerusalem’s heart and mind must

Must hear!
Jerusalem is

That central place on earth

That God has allowed us to have!


It is that place symbolically, and in reality,

Uniting all mankind in the brotherhood of being

Children of God!


It is in that reality, that our peace lies –
Being children of God!
We are children of God in distress!

The temperature of Jerusalem

Is the temperature of humanity!

We humans are very sick!
And God, Our God

The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Ishmael, the Prophets –

Our God, Our Father, Our creator –


Is allowing us to experience,

As he has done over and over again,

The hell of our own making!

As we follow our own designs with hardened hearts!


From his throne in the heavenly Jerusalem

Yearns to awaken us in this turmoil!

To awaken us! To bring life to these dead bones!

We! Need to pray

And fast


For “the peace of Jerusalem!”
Within its walls!
Peace within our personal walls!
Peace within the brotherhood of all mankind –


That brotherhood,

That is, the brotherhood with Jesus the redeemer of all!
“Jerusalem, Jerusalem! If you had only recognized on this day, the way to peace!” (Luke19:42)
He gave Jerusalem,


The way to peace with his death, resurrection.


“Shalem” means





And from ‘shalem’, we get ‘shalom’ –

‘Shalom’ the epitome of wholeness, of unbrokeness!
Peace! Peace!

Jerusalem, in its origins,
An existing pagan,

Canaanite town ,

When the Jews arrived in the promised land…..


Jerusalem to become the symbol of –

Wholeness !




The first part the name Jerusalem resembles the words ????? (hieros),

Meaning ‘sacred’, and ?????? (hiereus), meaning ‘priest’ –

A sacred, holy, priestly place

Existing –
To reveal to the world –
The wholeness, the completeness,

The unbrokenness

Coming from –

Abiding in God!


This is Peace!


Abiding in God!















An intense 5 hours with the Lord,


Within his holy city,


Within which we are all called to be his Temple,


His holy,
Sacred people!

We have within us,

The living Jerusalem,

The place of peace,

The call to peace,

The way to peace!


The Psalmist calls us –

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”.


Jesus is weeping over us!

If only!


If only we would listen!



“Come now!” (John 14:31)

“Let us have words together!” (Isaiah 1:18)


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