I weep,
I weep,
weep for the sins,
the sins of my shepherds!
My shepherds who would
play – who is the greatest –
play power games
with my body!
My blood!

A sacrilege!

My body torn and nailed,
Nailed on the altar of sacrifice –
My Cross!
My blood spilled with water
flowing down the Cross –
The Altar of sacrifice!

My Body
My blood finds
Its tabernacle within,
within each,
within every friend –
my people!
Each one, all as one!
You in me and I in you –
Tabernacle to the world!

Degraded is my Altar of Sacrifice!
That place where human power died!
The Altar – Divine life embracing all!

I live –
I move –
I have my being
within my people!
My people, confused –
mislead sheep!
Mislead in the name of shepherd authority –
Shepherd, called to carry home the lost-
strayed sheep!

I weep!
I weep –
My people.
See me –
find me,
on the Altar of sacrifice in your midst!
The Altar, centre of my Sanctuary –
Center of my church!
Eat my body
Drink my blood –
Find me within you!
Find me within the body of faith –
The community of living Love –
Living mercy!

Earthly tabernacles
will fall apart –
like the tents in the desert –
even as they dance
from place to place –
within a church.
Churches will not be
left stone upon a stone!

But you –
My people,
My Tabernacle!
Will live forever!

My Altar
My cross of sacrifice
in the midst of my living tabernacle
My Church!



You asked me yesterday if I was sick.
I can answer your question very differently.
I am totally devastated!
Sick to the depth of my being!
Crying almost inconsolably!

The Mass trumps everything!

This fact,
and remembering to pray –
to pray for the sins of our leaders –
these thoughts helped me
to remain in the Church!
to remain for the Mass!

A slight consolation –
really –
not a consolation at all-
I met others who felt the same way.

I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness.
A good thing that it is Lent
and I can be in the Garden with the weeping Lord! 

How backwards
upside we have things!

The Lord is screaming!
Screaming at us –
“Look after my poor, destitute,
war ravaged people!”
And we –
we sinfully throw away money
on needless,
of the Lord’s sanctuary! 

The Lord would be happy to live in a tent!
He could not care less,
if the tabernacle is –
in an outside chapel,
a side altar, behind a Holy of Holies veil,
or behind the altar –
or if there was a tabernacle at all!
The tabernacle circling –
circling around the church building
for centuries! 

It is the people of God
who are the sanctuary,
the tabernacle,
the Church!

Have we learned nothing –
nothing at all
from the last 3 years
years of utter destruction of ancient shrines,
and other holy places? 

Unmentioned in the Sunday homily –
the devastation of the Jews!
Because Pilate mixed the blood of people he had slain
with the blood of sacrifice!
We are doing a comparable deed! 

Rather than bind their wounds,
feeding and housing them,
we are
taking the blood of the martyrs
and refugees of ISIS –
their ancient sanctuaries destroyed, desecrated –
and pouring that blood –
and pouring it into our coffers!
Oblivious to the cries of the Lord
for his ravaged people!
Pouring their blood into our coffers!

To refurbish our sanctuary –
that contains our Altar of Sacrifice –
the primary structure in our church!

No! Not the tabernacle –
the primary structure in the Church!
It is the ALTAR of sacrifice!

How much more blood
to be spilled before we are converted!?

If we were before the Judgement Seat today –
how would we answer the questions
asked in Math. 25, –
the Lord asking us about the homeless,
hungry, destitute, naked ?




Warm eyes that dance in greeting
Framed in rugged , ruddy face
And anxious smile .

Love me please!
believe me please!
That I may love me –
believe me!

What you see is what I have.
Body devoid of stillness –
a soul of great desire –

Be convinced!
This smile –
this cultured voice-
these social manners
No – not to deceive you
but me –
but me !
In those dark
those frightening recesses
hollowed out over years,
over years –
to hide, to hide
to hide –
no, not from you –
no! No! No!
But the scarecrow in me!
Deep within
it screams with laughter
that must be drowned!

Surely goodness,
remembered mores –
eternal truths,
Will soothe the inner scream,
guide the wavering steps –
bathe with salve
almost felt upon the yearning flesh,
in the communal bath of acceptance,
smiling welcome –
drowning the howling inner scream.
Oh! Yes!
I am normal! One of them all!

I belong!
Oh, Oh – but I must –
mustn’t I!?

Tell me!
Soothe me!
I would know what I cannot
in that inner, restless darkness!
Honed how –
I do not know!
Honed why?
In suddenness it coils, chokes, cries!
Relieve me!
Calm me – Please!

All will be well!
All will be well?
Lord! You –
You love me –
Don’t you?
Don’t you!

Isn’t it –
Isn’t it true!
O tell me!
As I wander in your house.

“You are my child!
“I know you!”
“I love you!”
“So Precious to me!”

Oh! Oh but I am afraid –
afraid of me,
afraid of you,
afraid, afraid of –
afraid of life.
Afraid of what I yearn for!
Afraid! Oh yes –
Afraid of being afraid!

I don’t want you to know.
But! But!
Save me! Please!

Calm Waters Reflecting

Calm Water Reflecting

All things are one.
Unity of life in all things –
And I,
I am one with all that is –
The only one life – God!
One truth – God!
One love – God!
One word spoken – God!
God is All!
The One, the Only Reality

I Am, is with you!
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
In all that is!

To be! To be!
Is to rest O Lord
In that depth!
To rest – in the I Am
To be still before you, my God –,
in peace –
Peace like the calm water
receiving the sun,
the light, the trees and the heavens,
reflecting them back again
as one with the water –
So – in the stillness within –
may I
reflect you, Lord.

On The Bank

On The Bank

Cold, cold, hard, hardened

Over percolating refuse!

Hot, steaming

Dark and darker!

And tears –

the steam that creeps through cracks

Tears, cracks, fissures,

well hidden in the cold, dark,


hard middle earth within!

The denial, and victim scream

scream out from gestation to grave

writhe, coil, twist, turn –

words, looks and frantic energy!


Why me!

Scream, scream against the night!

Against the light!

Against threatening freedom!

No longer safe in here –

Someone must pay!

Muffle my ears!

The words I do not hear!

In the gentle breezes

And storms of life they speak –

“Come my love, my beautiful one

Come!” “Come out!”

Cruel words!

Me! Who am I?

Scabs, scars

Weeping wounds!

“Come I will wash you

You will become whiter than snow!”

Why, Why, Why!

I fear in the known dark –

And still the voice

“Come and see!”

“Come trust – I will give you life

You will live!”

But –

But what –

This cesspool!

Mustn’t someone pay!

My pain!

“Get up little child”

Arise from your nightmare!

“And I will give you rest!”


Those things that happen in our lives or the lives of others that make us stand in awe –

ponder – wonder – praise God!!

Those things that occur in the dailiness of our life, that give us pause to reflect that a change is taking place –

something inside not consciously initiated is happening!!

New life within.

Oh miracle of miracles, when inner bars are not bars at all!

Jesus passes through them!


Those things that give us cause to say

“God is truly present here!

We are standing on Holy Ground!”

Here and now!

Those things that are unexplainable except through the eyes of faith –

and yet increase that faith in us

and initiate it in the hearts of others.

                                                    All those hidden movements in the heart that accumulate

moving one to do the courageous,

the good, the noble.

And those loving acts that left to our own resources we probably would not do.

Those cures of mind and heart that creep up slowly as one lives in trust,

in the presence of Jesus here within;

The presence of Jesus in those who love him

And we not even realizing that He is there –

the healing that happens in Christian community.

Miracles –

The wonders that Jesus does in our lives when we open the door

just a crack!

The transformation of evil into good –

suffering into gift –

                                                             despair into hope –

weakness into strength!

Entering into the mystery of God

 water on leaf

in the presence of a drop of rain on a petal –

The grains of sand on a river bank!

A shaft of light through a tiny crack!

The experience of peace in the midst of turmoil.


That people love us in the face of all we know about ourselves,

and all they know about us!

That I come to love myself and see myself

                                                                   as loved by Jesus as a friend!

Nothing can separate me from the love of God!

“Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and power of God!”

The miracle that nothing is to small for him!

                                   That, “All things are from him and through him and in him.”

Oh, the miracle of the oneness of everything!

“Glory be to him who does more in us than we could ever ask for or imagine!”

“Glory be to him forever! Amen!”

(Monica O’Reilly)

From His Side

From His Side
All Creation Vivified

revelation 22

From his side flowed
Blood and water –

Water from the side of Him
Who was ‘Sent’

The One who sent the blind man to wash –

To Siloam
Siloam the pool of ‘sent’ water
To this aqua duct – Jerusalem!

The One ‘Sent’,
The true Pool of Siloam!

We are the ‘sent’
Washed in the bath of blood-water
Spoken from his side.
Washed in the blood of the lamb!

The water of life,
life blood poured out
Painting the way, the truth and the life.
Water mingled in blood
Blood-water gushing forth –

Spring of living water!
Life catapulting forth –
Into the lifelessness of death.

Now, in Him, only life!
From Him, through Him, in Him
With Him.

Spring of blood and water
By Him all cleansed to live!
Washed in the blood of the lamb!

Life within
Life with out
All immersed in Life.
Washed, washed, washed!
You, I, all of creation

Holy, Holy, Holy!
Unclean, cleaned, and being cleaned.
Spilled from the Chasm of Life –
The New Jordan
Flows gutter to palace,
From beauty to grime
The blood and water overflow.

Detoxifying, sensitizing!
Trickling, seeping, surging
Overflowing from
Gutter to Palace
Grime to Beauty

The bloody water floods
Down the streets of mock beauty
Poverty smeared.
All washed clean in the blood of the lamb!

Everywhere, Beware!

We walk on hallowed ground.
Streets not paved in gold
Streets, paths, byways, highways
Fields, cities –
Washed in the blood of the lamb.

“Behold I make all things new!”
Take, eat! Take, drink!

No longer Jew, Greek, rich or poor –
This is my Body, this is my Blood
Poured out for you
In me all things are made one.
All things are made new!

The Word is spoken! Does its deed!
It is the Word – blood and water spent
On soil.
Mud, molding man.
Mud, healing man.

With the eternal Now!

Mud surging with the Word –
Blood and water,
Sent to water the earth
Wheat springing forth
Wine to gladden –

The infinite banquet!

God, Man, Creation
Groaning together to life!
The New Jerusalem!

Amen! Alleluia!

To Him the lamb
Be all Praise, Honour
Power and Glory!

The Heavenly Banquet



The Heavenly Banquet

Light, light

Glowing light, dancing light on tiny wicks!

Peaceful, flowing light.

All encompassing, enfolding, embracing light.

Embracing fat, thin, tall, short, poor, rich –

Light flickering, licking over and around all,

All as one.

All so very, very, very peaceful!

Simple, simple, simple.

Nothing exuberant, flashy, loud.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

An inclusive simplicity –

Enfolding and enfolding and enfolding

Within a silence that reverberates

In awe!

As though all has stood still!

A spoken –

Yet unspoken –

The very atmosphere itself speaking –

Holy! Holy! Holy!

Come into the light

Come into the warmth, the belonging.

Come into oneness!

Oneness in a multitude of oneness

No longer weighted down –

 Blinded by colour,

Gender, position, prestige or penury.

Be still

Be still,

Be still!

Yes, yes

Ah Yes!

As One   – lifted weightless

Into oneness  – no parameters!


You and you and you!

Don’t worry about what to wear

How you look or sound.


Come into the banquet –

Feast, feast, feast on the oneness,

On the peace, the joy, life, love!

You belong!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You!  You! You!

This is the right place!

This is The Place!

None other than heaven’s gate!

Here the table, throne, temple

The Lord’s own house

Now, now, now!

Here now.

No discord, distinction, domination –

No walls.

We have come to the house of God,

The Gate of heaven –

Where all are anawin

Receivers of mercy, mercy, mercy

Embracing and being embraced!

Yes, Yes, Yes!

This is the Banquet –

The embrace,

The embrace,

The embrace

The depth of unexpected love!

This is the Banquet!

The whole of creation no longer groaning –

No more eager, longing, waiting –

The timeless banquet now, at the table set,

In the eternal embracing Light of Eden!

It is very good indeed!

June 29,2014

Eighth Day Redemption Day Annunciation of the Lord

And on the eight day –Redemption Day!

Creation sang an opera

The poem that God wrote –

Breathed by the Spirit –

An opera like no other!

No arias of requited love,

War, intrigue, guise and disguise –

But heaven and earth are as one

In this universal opera.

The Trinity, in trinity with creation,

The Trinity with Angel, human

And, the Universe as one .

The stage is set.

A proposal, the profoundest

Truest love song of all time,

-intoned by Gabriel, the emissary

“Hail Mary!

‘Don’t be afraid, Mary but Rejoice!”

In breathless anticipation

All creation waits!

Waits to hear the words

The words they know so well –

Never forgotten, engraved in the very being of all that is –

God’s word throbs within the land, the sea, sun and moon

Stars and planets and mankind

“Let it be!”

Day one, day two, day three

Day four, and five,

Then six and seven.

Such  goodness, love, life, oneness !

“Let it be!”

God said – and saw that it was good!

Until man would be God!

A tragedy of tsunamic proportions!

Now the creation chorus waits to hear

One of their own,

a daughter say

The very words of the creator

“Let it be!”

Oh, Mary –

Quickly Mary!

Do not be afraid, Mary!

Creation, in a whispering crescendo,

Supporting Gabriel in his divine task.

Let it be, Mary, they plead

In an almost breathless, operatic chorus.

Oh, Mary,

God would be one with us!

Be one of us!

Such love Mary!

Oh Mary, you are highly favoured!

We, through you are favoured!

We are loved!  In your response we will be freed!

The Tsunami will recede.

“Mary, do not be afraid!

The power of the most High will overshadow you!

You will bear a son

The Son of God!

You will name him, Jesus.”

God will save us, Mary!

The proposal fills the air,

Volleying from planet to planet

Sun and Moon, Stars

The Seas and all that fills them  –

Ready to burst into praise of their God.

Mary, the  favoured servant of God,

In words from a Holy pause

Proclaims the Fiat, the aria of love  –

“Let it be, as you have said!”

Echoing God’s word –

“Let it be!”

God became man!

And dwelt amongst us!

And the operatic chorus sings forever

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”

The eight day, the day of Redemption Is ushered in.

“Let it Be!”



Sunrise Suite

Play giving birth-

In a glimpse

In a moment

To the oneness of all

Captured –

As the sky and earth

Reveal the depth

Of the seemingly insignificant –

The always there –

Things deemed worthy of only a nodding glance.


But seeing –

Seeing is all the difference.

Seeing not separateness



The wholeness

The unity

The oneness in the moment caught!

Revealing the joyful commonality of all life –

Pure joy in life, exposed in play!


All share in the same game –

The play of the nondescript

Myriads of grey birds – so tiny

Silently swirling, sweeping in undulating waves

Greeting the 6 am sun

As it perched in the streaked blue sky,

Capturing in its horizon glow

A dew dampened tree in its rotund leafy fullness.

And, they played –

Those bush tits –

Those tiny, light, lithe tits –

Dancing from branch to branch

Tossing tiny dew droplets

Like a swirling garland round the tree

Glistening in the sun –

Circles of infinitesimal rainbows!

“Ah” escaped my lips in joyful laughter

An eternal moment in time –

My tears, more dew drops in the sun.

Me, the sky

The sun,

Bush tits on the wind,

Morning dew and tree –

All so everyday

All, so common.

And yet, –

Yes  – we played together –

A sunrise suite –

Composed in the commonness of our breath of life –

We played

An Oscar performance

Directed by the One who sees –

Sees the oneness of all.

Sees all as ‘good’!

Summer 2013