From His Side

From His Side
All Creation Vivified

revelation 22

From his side flowed
Blood and water –

Water from the side of Him
Who was ‘Sent’

The One who sent the blind man to wash –

To Siloam
Siloam the pool of ‘sent’ water
To this aqua duct – Jerusalem!

The One ‘Sent’,
The true Pool of Siloam!

We are the ‘sent’
Washed in the bath of blood-water
Spoken from his side.
Washed in the blood of the lamb!

The water of life,
life blood poured out
Painting the way, the truth and the life.
Water mingled in blood
Blood-water gushing forth –

Spring of living water!
Life catapulting forth –
Into the lifelessness of death.

Now, in Him, only life!
From Him, through Him, in Him
With Him.

Spring of blood and water
By Him all cleansed to live!
Washed in the blood of the lamb!

Life within
Life with out
All immersed in Life.
Washed, washed, washed!
You, I, all of creation

Holy, Holy, Holy!
Unclean, cleaned, and being cleaned.
Spilled from the Chasm of Life –
The New Jordan
Flows gutter to palace,
From beauty to grime
The blood and water overflow.

Detoxifying, sensitizing!
Trickling, seeping, surging
Overflowing from
Gutter to Palace
Grime to Beauty

The bloody water floods
Down the streets of mock beauty
Poverty smeared.
All washed clean in the blood of the lamb!

Everywhere, Beware!

We walk on hallowed ground.
Streets not paved in gold
Streets, paths, byways, highways
Fields, cities –
Washed in the blood of the lamb.

“Behold I make all things new!”
Take, eat! Take, drink!

No longer Jew, Greek, rich or poor –
This is my Body, this is my Blood
Poured out for you
In me all things are made one.
All things are made new!

The Word is spoken! Does its deed!
It is the Word – blood and water spent
On soil.
Mud, molding man.
Mud, healing man.

With the eternal Now!

Mud surging with the Word –
Blood and water,
Sent to water the earth
Wheat springing forth
Wine to gladden –

The infinite banquet!

God, Man, Creation
Groaning together to life!
The New Jerusalem!

Amen! Alleluia!

To Him the lamb
Be all Praise, Honour
Power and Glory!

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