I weep,
I weep,
weep for the sins,
the sins of my shepherds!
My shepherds who would
play – who is the greatest –
play power games
with my body!
My blood!

A sacrilege!

My body torn and nailed,
Nailed on the altar of sacrifice –
My Cross!
My blood spilled with water
flowing down the Cross –
The Altar of sacrifice!

My Body
My blood finds
Its tabernacle within,
within each,
within every friend –
my people!
Each one, all as one!
You in me and I in you –
Tabernacle to the world!

Degraded is my Altar of Sacrifice!
That place where human power died!
The Altar – Divine life embracing all!

I live –
I move –
I have my being
within my people!
My people, confused –
mislead sheep!
Mislead in the name of shepherd authority –
Shepherd, called to carry home the lost-
strayed sheep!

I weep!
I weep –
My people.
See me –
find me,
on the Altar of sacrifice in your midst!
The Altar, centre of my Sanctuary –
Center of my church!
Eat my body
Drink my blood –
Find me within you!
Find me within the body of faith –
The community of living Love –
Living mercy!

Earthly tabernacles
will fall apart –
like the tents in the desert –
even as they dance
from place to place –
within a church.
Churches will not be
left stone upon a stone!

But you –
My people,
My Tabernacle!
Will live forever!

My Altar
My cross of sacrifice
in the midst of my living tabernacle
My Church!

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