On Not Voting With Conscience

In Canada our ruling Liberal Party has told its elected members that they cannot vote by their conscience in the issue of Euthanasia.  They must vote as a group to support the Supreme Courts decision for Euthanasia.  It is impossible to fathom that all of these elected men and women could be so willing to sacrifice there souls for a
position in Parliament. They, of all people, know first hand what it is to exercise their right as citizens to vote – the importance of freedom within democracy.

If one cannot vote by one’s conscience on the two primary issues of life – that is the beginning of life, abortion, and death – then everything in between is up for grabs. The murderer does not have to live by his conscience, nor the rapist, nor the thief, and on throughout the whole of life. Conscience is negated and life is up to the whim of the moment because the only one respected – if that word can even be used – is myself – at this particular moment. When conscience is gone life becomes mayhem. One is free to say that the only thing worth protecting is my status. This is what the so called ‘whip’ voting is – a protections of my status as an elected official! So I am free to take life if I deem that my status, as I perceive it, is being threatened.

We do not live in a communist state yet! No one can force me to vote against my conscience! I do not have to say ‘yes’ to a whip vote knowing that the whip vote is going to declare that the taking of a life is legal. No one can force me to take a person’s life! If I believe that euthanasia is wrong, then when I go against my conscience on a vote of life and death – effectively I am saying ‘yes’ to killing another! This has ramifications for all of life. If the Government of our land can use protection of one’s elected position as a reason to vote for killing, then, why should anyone be barred from using the same argument of self protection for any action!

Eventually, fear has to become the way of life within the land, as no one can be trusted, and law cannot even be enforced – if it even exists. How can law exist in a conscience – less world! Everyone becomes a law unto himself. No one, nothing is sacred. Nothing has meaning – except as I deem it to be so! If the nation’s parliament can behave that way, it becomes the example to be followed by the citizen’s of the land.

And, if our leaders can be so easily ordered to vote as they are told to – what is to become of us as a nation?  It is a total misuse of the term ‘Vote’.  And it is treating people as robots, or useful cogs in a wheel.  Killing at the beginning of life, and at the moment of suffering, become the measure that defines how we view mankind.
Humans become  viewed by their usefulness as cogs in an efficient wheel, workers for the state.

God be merciful to us sinners!

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