hardness of heart

A Lamentation

Listen to me, my people

While in anguish I tell of  my love!

Listen to me closely,

To me who made all peoples.

I am the God who made

The Assyrians, the Babylonians,

The God who created the Iraqis and Afghans.

Listen to me who made

The peoples of all the Americas,

The north, the central,

The southern Americans.

I am the God of the Semites,

Arabs and Jews.

I called the gentiles, white and black.

The peoples of India, Asia, Europe and Africa,

They are all,

All of them, my children.


Listen to me all you who have ears to hear.

Listen to me all of you,

You have hearts created to forgive.

I have said “Put your swords back into their scabbards”!

I have mended too many ears,

Comforted too many widows and orphans!

I have heard too many children of Rachel screaming in terror!

The cries of those you have made homeless,

Starving, naked and thirsty,

The cries of those you have maimed and tortured

The cries of your brothers and sisters,

Their cries have reached my ears.


What have you done?

What have you done, you who are rich?

You who talk from full bellies and comfort?

What have you done

You who crave power in the world?

Search your hearts!

Do you not know?

Have you not heard?

My ways are not your ways

As far as your love is from one another

So are my ways from your ways.


I do not want “bombs bursting in air”!

My peoples of the world you have hardened your hearts!

You have turned away from your God.

You listen only with your jaded hearts,

With your pride and your stubbornness.

You say “In God we trust”!

“Allah be praised”!

While you plot destruction, ruin,

Murder and deception in your hearts.

                                                I know of what you are made.

I know the hearts of men.

Your lives are a pretense, a shame for caring.

You have grown so far from me

Farther than east is from west

North from south.

You cannot feel my love for you

You of hardened hearts!


“As the doe yearns for running streams”

So your hardened hearts yearn for

Ease, comfort,

For all that money can buy.

You have become weak in your lives of immorality,

Lives of sexual pleasure and greed.

You no longer know right from wrong.

Insanity grasps you

killing those unborn, old and sick!


You have become Sodom and Gomorrah.

You have built towers of Babel

And how you babble on!

Trusting more in your trinity

Of economic pundits, pollsters and powerful!

They have become your prophets

False prophets of you who rape the earth.

They do not speak my words!


I am the Father

I am the Son

I am the Holy Spirit

Listen to this Trinity!


I am the Father, creator of all that is.

I am the Son, Jesus who came for the sick and the sinner.

I am the Spirit to be found in the hearts

Of all who love God.


I love the sinners, the terrorists

I want to forgive them,

To give them new life, new hearts.


I love the sinners, the powerful and greedy

I want to forgive them,

To remove their hearts of stone.


I love the sinners, the immoral and perverted

I want to forgive them,

To give them hearts that thirst for my love.


I love the downtrodden victims of injustice

All of them,

The poor, the orphan and the widow,

I want to wipe away their tears.

I want to heal the brokenhearted.

Those thrown on the garbage dumps of profiteers.

Oh my people of this broken world

How I long to draw you to my heart,

Cover you as a mother hen her chicks!


My dreams for you are vast

Vaster than you can imagine.

Listen to me, my people of the world.

Listen to my prophets who call,

Call you back to my ways.

Come back to me.

You will find all that your hearts desire.


I am the Alpha and the Omega.

I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.

I Am, who made you in love!

Choose life that you may live everlasting life.

I have no pleasure in the death of anyone.

Return to me and live!