From His Side

From His Side
All Creation Vivified

revelation 22

From his side flowed
Blood and water –

Water from the side of Him
Who was ‘Sent’

The One who sent the blind man to wash –

To Siloam
Siloam the pool of ‘sent’ water
To this aqua duct – Jerusalem!

The One ‘Sent’,
The true Pool of Siloam!

We are the ‘sent’
Washed in the bath of blood-water
Spoken from his side.
Washed in the blood of the lamb!

The water of life,
life blood poured out
Painting the way, the truth and the life.
Water mingled in blood
Blood-water gushing forth –

Spring of living water!
Life catapulting forth –
Into the lifelessness of death.

Now, in Him, only life!
From Him, through Him, in Him
With Him.

Spring of blood and water
By Him all cleansed to live!
Washed in the blood of the lamb!

Life within
Life with out
All immersed in Life.
Washed, washed, washed!
You, I, all of creation

Holy, Holy, Holy!
Unclean, cleaned, and being cleaned.
Spilled from the Chasm of Life –
The New Jordan
Flows gutter to palace,
From beauty to grime
The blood and water overflow.

Detoxifying, sensitizing!
Trickling, seeping, surging
Overflowing from
Gutter to Palace
Grime to Beauty

The bloody water floods
Down the streets of mock beauty
Poverty smeared.
All washed clean in the blood of the lamb!

Everywhere, Beware!

We walk on hallowed ground.
Streets not paved in gold
Streets, paths, byways, highways
Fields, cities –
Washed in the blood of the lamb.

“Behold I make all things new!”
Take, eat! Take, drink!

No longer Jew, Greek, rich or poor –
This is my Body, this is my Blood
Poured out for you
In me all things are made one.
All things are made new!

The Word is spoken! Does its deed!
It is the Word – blood and water spent
On soil.
Mud, molding man.
Mud, healing man.

With the eternal Now!

Mud surging with the Word –
Blood and water,
Sent to water the earth
Wheat springing forth
Wine to gladden –

The infinite banquet!

God, Man, Creation
Groaning together to life!
The New Jerusalem!

Amen! Alleluia!

To Him the lamb
Be all Praise, Honour
Power and Glory!

A Talk on the Scrutinies “Unbind him and let him go”

                                                       “Unbind Him And Let Him Go”

All three of the passages of scrutiny are from John’s Gospel: The Woman at the Well, The Man born Blind, and the Raising of Lazarus .
They are experiences of being unbound – – of being freed
– of experiencing new life – not some sense of well-being but – experiencing Jesus himself – new Life!

The Samaritan woman (John 4)at the well is utterly bound by her lifestyle
– she is an outcast – not allowed to associate with the other woman as they get their daily water at the well
– considered a sinner
-not at peace within herself
– and as we see in the story she lives in inner conflict
– because she does have an awareness of what her faith entails
-she is a woman all on her own

The man born blind (John 9) is definitely bound to a life of begging,
– an outcast because he must have sinned to be blind
-he is bound by physical darkness
-even shunned by his parents
-has no identity other than being blind

Lazarus (John 11) has died – been bound in physical death
His family and associates are all bound by the fear of death –
bound by the sense of finality and loss
bound by a sense of hopelessness that comes from stunted faith.

And in all three of these scrutinies the main characters and their associates are tied to the terrestrial
– to the secular understanding of life.
– this is true even of those who are closely associated with Jesus! – Martha. Mary, Lazarus, the Apostles

Just like each of us – they needed to become unbound, converted, reborn, come into the light of life.
– as Jesus says in the account of the raising of his friend Lazarus.
– they need to meet their “friend” Jesus as everlasting life.
– their friend “Jesus” is the Messiah and
– that means that my friend Jesus is the “the glory of God”
– eternal life offered here and now!

Jesus’ apostles are fearful of him going back into Judea because the leaders want to kill him.
– it is necessary, Jesus tells them, to walk in the light!
They are blind and need to learn that he – their friend is “the Light that has come into the world!”

What is that darkness we need to become unbound from? It is internal darkness often the result of unwittingly buying into the secular values and understandings of the meaning of life and death

The woman at the well was in internal darkness
the blind man was in darkness,
Martha, Mary and Lazarus were in internal darkness, darkness of believing but not really believing
Jesus’ Apostles were in darkness – taken up with fear of the authorities

DARKNESS – in particular spiritual darkness – spiritual blindness – leads to fear
as with the parents of the blind man
– is the personal interior death that comes from this blindness
– causes us to create all kinds of external props to hold us up (the mourners at the tomb of Lazarus were paid mourners) – the larger the crowd, the more flowers there are, the richer the casket, the more elaborate the grave site are all there to give external meaning to this finality which is not a finality at all!

is not always the result of deliberate sinfulness.
neither the Man born blind – nor his parents had sinned – Jesus tells us.
Martha and Mary had not sinned –
But the here and now were more influential than the words of faith that they proclaimed!
Jesus had to call them deeper – to confront the inner darkness, the tomb within them –
– as he called their brother out of the earthly tomb!
We are called during lent to confront the inner darkness within us and our world!

So what is it that needs conversion here?
We get a hint from how Jesus answers the Elders at the healing of the blind man.
They think that they are the ones who see and know everything
– faith has become a matter of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’
– the heart has gone out of it
– it has become detached from the person of God
– the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ have become a matter of blind fear
– this is not faith!
– Jesus tells them that they are the ones who are blind!

They need to become unbound from the 623 laws that they have made!!!
– they need to become free like the blind man who is willing and eager to
– meet Jesus
– THAT IS THEY MUST BECOME CONVERTED! They must discover the religion of the heart,
the religion of relationship with God! This is our Lenten Journey in faith!

You see the blind man became unbound from his blindness and gained more that sight
– he gained “INSIGHT”
– he was washed on the outside – but even more so on the inside by
– being unbound from his blindness!
-By “anointing” with mud
and by being washed in the “waters” of Siloam
-He was reborn! Becoming a new man – walking in the Light and Life of Christ
who touched him physically and spiritually
He was unbound physically and spiritually!
This is the conversion each of us needs
being touched by Jesus in every aspect of our person – so that we are living lights of Christ!
TO SEE WITH NEW EYES – To WALK with the internal light of Christ in the darkness of the world!
With new sight and insight the once blind man challenged the faith of his parents and the Elders!
In his healing – in his conversion he was “SENT” – this is the meaning of the name “SILOAM”

The Woman at the Well: – comes to draw water from the well
Jesus draws faith from the depth of her being
she meets the person – Jesus the Messiah “I Am” He tells her!
– she is freed, unbound
she proclaims her faith to the town
Jesus is living water welling up within her to Eternal Life

To The Man Born Blind:       Jesus gives sight and
draws faith from the heart of the blind man
the man comes into the light proclaiming his inner light -that is
his faith in midst of opposition being again banished from the Temple!
then he sees Jesus the light of the world

The Raising of Lazarus:   Jesus loved Martha, Mary and Lazarus as dear friends, from Bethany
(House of the Poor and Sick)
they seek a miracle from their friend and
Jesus draws faith from them – as he drew faith from the Woman at the Well
They see the glory of God!
They are unbound   – seeing their friend Jesus as the Resurrection and the Life –
Eternal Life here and now !
They had believed in him as the Messiah NOW they see who the Messiah truly is! They see the Glory of God here and now! The Stone has been rolled away from their hearts! They are coming out of their graves – becoming unbound!

It is this unbinding of our hearts, minds and lives that Jesus longs for, thirsts for
This conversion experience here and now in the desert of life – during these 4o Holy days!

In the story of the Woman at the Well we hear Jesus say “I thirst!”
He then speaks to her of water that wells up to eternal life
and, if we drink of the water he will give we will never thirst again –

John in the first instance is talking of physical thirst.
This thirst is replaced by a deeper and lasting thirst welling up forever –
IT IS THE THIRST OF LOVE   – his love for her and everyone like her.
God’s love thirsting for us – giving birth to our love for him.
This love compels us to worship him in every moment of our lives – not just in church.

Jesus ‘thirsts’ for the Woman’s love of herself – and for her love for God
The woman thirst for meaning in her drab isolated life that she is bound to

On the Cross Jesus again says “I thirst”.
As with all of John’s Gospel this ‘thirst’ is multi-level:
-the very physical level of one who has been tortured
-his whole life journey has been a thirst to do his Father’ will
-at the Last Supper he expressed his thirst for oneness in love
-I thirst that my friends may be with me where I am

This outcast woman now has a thirst to proclaim to everyone about the one whom she has met
– about what has happened to her – her new found belief.

She has been touched in the depth of her being.
She has felt true love for the first time in her life.
She has a new identity, new life, new hope
– a light is shining deep within her
– she cannot be silent!
Do you and I feel that way about our faith?

We were given this new identity, new life, new hope, a light shining deep within us at our baptism –
during lent we are called to get in touch with it.

When we truly meet the Lord:
– allowing ourselves to be internally embraced by him – casting off the clutter in our life
-we become like the Woman at the Well.
We leave behind the ‘water jars’, THAT IS things that define us in the eyes of the world
and never truly satisfy us!

The woman did not know what she was asking for when she said
“Give me some of this water, then I will never have to come back to the well again”.
During lent we are a bucket being filed at the Well of life.
We do not have to come back to the ‘well’ – it is within us!

What the Samaritan woman was given by the Lord
insight, self awareness and
ultimately an encounter with the Messiah
meant that she would never have to leave the well!
she now had A very different Well within – Jesus Himself!
This is where conversion takes place – deep within!. THE MEETING WITH JESUS!

This is where Lent is meant to lead us!

And we hear of the Blind Man going to wash his eyes in the Pool of Siloam so that he can see physically.
His eyes have been anointed by Jesus with mud.
Where do we hear of Mud – In Genesis.
Man was created out of mud.
A new creation is taking place – by our baptism we are a new creation
–Lent calls us to reclaim this reality!

The Blind Man was sent to Siloam to wash.
Siloam means ‘sent’.
He now is sent and we are sent by our baptism.

In his new sight the man has so much more.
He has insight.
He has Faith.

He must proclaim what he now sees
– not what he sees with his eyes
– but with his heart !
‘See’ means ‘to know’.
Biblically ‘to know’ is to possess and to be possessed, The man ‘knows’ the love of God and is possessed by it.
He has become a new person –
a ‘nobody’, has in the love of Jesus become a somebody –
he is converted!

He is ready to tell the world – the big and the small of the world!
His faith grows as he proclaims what he sees within him –
“I do believe”
He says to Jesus and to all who will listen to him!
From the depth of his soul proclaiming it!

He, in his physical blindness was an outcast from society – condemned as a sinner.
Now he sees with the eyes of faith
and in his proclamation he is to become an outcast again,
but – internally he is free!
He is filled with light! He is a light shining in the world for all to see!

God’s love has freed him physically and spiritually!
If our spiritual blindness is washed away and we see through the eyes of faith –
we will see ourselves loved by Jesus.
We will see ourselves as having meaning beyond all that the powers and accolades the world can give us.

The Blind man’s greatest miraculous experience is the light of faith!
With this light we adore Jesus in the midst of life’s trials as the man with restored physical sight did!
This is what the conversion experience of Lent is meant to bring us to.

This is our Lenten cry!
“Jesus, the one you love is ill!”
Through lent we are meant to re-realize that
we are all called –
Each one of us is called – “The one”, Jesus, “loves”.

Now take a moment to close your eyes and enter the depth of your being,
away from the clutter and clamour of life’s ‘daily-ness’.
Go into the depth of your soul and listen to Jesus speak to “the one he loves”.

He says “I want to open your grave.”
“I want to bring you out of your grave.”
“I want you to receive the Holy Spirit so that you truly experience the fullness of life in you.”
“I am calling you.”
“I want you to know my love for you, a love that is everlasting.”
“I want you to know love that is everlasting life itself – here and now!”

Death, the fear of death,
is the biggest stone that Jesus had to role away!
It is the weight that holds us bound to what is finite, to what has no meaning in itself outside of the Eternal!

We are converted to see Jesus the Resurrection and Life in every aspect of life.

And death is an aspect of life – the window to the eternal!
With new sight we will see the glory of God here and now as did Martha, Mary and Lazarus did
because we will be unbound from the world’s trappings.

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life and his glory can be seen by us now in this world.

If we believe:

We will see, we will know that we are destined for more than this world can offer.
We will see – we will know!!
the truth:
– that we will make our home with him embraced in the love of the Father and the Spirit –
not bound by the secular clothing of this world!
And, our conversion calls us to unbind the world from its shackles – its imprisonment to what is transitory!

Death will not separate us from life –
It will not, and does not separate us from the Love of Christ!
Death is the step to our everlasting Hope!

When through the conversion journey of Lent we can come to believe this
to become converted to this truth
THEN we are unbound from the shackles of this secular world
Then life,
lived in faith becomes a revelation of the Glory of God here and now!

This final Sign of Jesus became the nails that hung him on the cross!
Jesus, who quenches my deepest thirst,
Jesus, who is the light that illumines my life from deep within me,
Jesus, who is the eternal breath within me!

The living water that sustains me in every event of my journey
is the water that flowed with blood on Good Friday–

We see love flowing in blood and water from the slain lamb.
This becomes my sustenance.
AND in every trial of our life this blood and water flows!
We thirst! We cry out, one with the crucified Lamb – I thirst!
And his love sustains us.

We are, by our baptism, disciples of Jesus.
Each present moment is a revelation of who Jesus is
and what he is calling us to see, to be and to do.

Nothing – nothing is by chance – such as Jesus meeting a woman at the well at the hottest time of the day.
There are no coincidences – such as Jesus meeting a blind beggar at the Festival of Lights –
giving light to his eyes.
There is nothing inconsequential, or meaningless, such as one of his best friends becoming sick and dying.

And, there is no one who is insignificant, such as a blind beggar and a sinful woman   – or you or I.

Through all things the glory of God is revealed.
All things are with, and in, and through the Lord,
and lead to the Lord!
All of creation comes from the hand of God,
has been marred by sin, and has been washed in the blood of the Lamb.

We, during lent, are called to become reconnected with this all encompassing truth,
as we are re-converted – claiming our conversion in the waters of Baptism!
allowing Jesus to embrace us as his friends, into discipleship.

To Believe –
as the Woman at the Well did
As the Blind Man did
As Martha and Mary did
Is To Be A Disciple!

Conversion leads to DISCIPLESHIP!
We are all the Man Born Blind, the Woman at the Well.
Both are outcasts, counted as sinners.
We all face ultimate death-
We are all Lazarus.
We are all dead or dying in aspects of our life – fearful and confused like Martha and Mary-
even though they were good friends of Jesus, who spent time at their home, on his journeys to various parts of Palestine

Sometimes appearances — i.e. — what we see and hear — are deceiving – a sham
perhaps we put on a sham – a lie – a front
maybe what is inside is really darkness
“The Lord looks at the heart”!
Like the blind man,
– to be in the light is to have life,
to be free   – to expose the darkness.
To live by preconceived ideas and fear – is death and darkness,
as it was for the Pharisees and for the parents of the blind man.
Preconception and fear prevent us from –
seeing the truth and rejoicing in the work of the Lord –
– Of Resting in the Lord so that we can truly see!
Preconception and fear prevent us from –
Of seeing with the eyes of Jesus to the heart of man!

What cataracts of fear do we need washed away?
so that we can move : –
From blindness to sight –

From darkness to light –
from death to new life

This is a faith journey!
sight, insight, light, new life, and have our thirst quenched –
So that we can proclaim our baptismal faith –
rolling away the stones in the day to day world around us!

So we ask for this conversion:
Jesus open my grave!
Jesus unbind me!
Jesus let me see with your eyes!
Jesus let me know the depth of my thirst for you!