The Heavenly Banquet



The Heavenly Banquet

Light, light

Glowing light, dancing light on tiny wicks!

Peaceful, flowing light.

All encompassing, enfolding, embracing light.

Embracing fat, thin, tall, short, poor, rich –

Light flickering, licking over and around all,

All as one.

All so very, very, very peaceful!

Simple, simple, simple.

Nothing exuberant, flashy, loud.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

An inclusive simplicity –

Enfolding and enfolding and enfolding

Within a silence that reverberates

In awe!

As though all has stood still!

A spoken –

Yet unspoken –

The very atmosphere itself speaking –

Holy! Holy! Holy!

Come into the light

Come into the warmth, the belonging.

Come into oneness!

Oneness in a multitude of oneness

No longer weighted down –

 Blinded by colour,

Gender, position, prestige or penury.

Be still

Be still,

Be still!

Yes, yes

Ah Yes!

As One   – lifted weightless

Into oneness  – no parameters!


You and you and you!

Don’t worry about what to wear

How you look or sound.


Come into the banquet –

Feast, feast, feast on the oneness,

On the peace, the joy, life, love!

You belong!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You!  You! You!

This is the right place!

This is The Place!

None other than heaven’s gate!

Here the table, throne, temple

The Lord’s own house

Now, now, now!

Here now.

No discord, distinction, domination –

No walls.

We have come to the house of God,

The Gate of heaven –

Where all are anawin

Receivers of mercy, mercy, mercy

Embracing and being embraced!

Yes, Yes, Yes!

This is the Banquet –

The embrace,

The embrace,

The embrace

The depth of unexpected love!

This is the Banquet!

The whole of creation no longer groaning –

No more eager, longing, waiting –

The timeless banquet now, at the table set,

In the eternal embracing Light of Eden!

It is very good indeed!

June 29,2014

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