You asked me yesterday if I was sick.
I can answer your question very differently.
I am totally devastated!
Sick to the depth of my being!
Crying almost inconsolably!

The Mass trumps everything!

This fact,
and remembering to pray –
to pray for the sins of our leaders –
these thoughts helped me
to remain in the Church!
to remain for the Mass!

A slight consolation –
really –
not a consolation at all-
I met others who felt the same way.

I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness.
A good thing that it is Lent
and I can be in the Garden with the weeping Lord! 

How backwards
upside we have things!

The Lord is screaming!
Screaming at us –
“Look after my poor, destitute,
war ravaged people!”
And we –
we sinfully throw away money
on needless,
of the Lord’s sanctuary! 

The Lord would be happy to live in a tent!
He could not care less,
if the tabernacle is –
in an outside chapel,
a side altar, behind a Holy of Holies veil,
or behind the altar –
or if there was a tabernacle at all!
The tabernacle circling –
circling around the church building
for centuries! 

It is the people of God
who are the sanctuary,
the tabernacle,
the Church!

Have we learned nothing –
nothing at all
from the last 3 years
years of utter destruction of ancient shrines,
and other holy places? 

Unmentioned in the Sunday homily –
the devastation of the Jews!
Because Pilate mixed the blood of people he had slain
with the blood of sacrifice!
We are doing a comparable deed! 

Rather than bind their wounds,
feeding and housing them,
we are
taking the blood of the martyrs
and refugees of ISIS –
their ancient sanctuaries destroyed, desecrated –
and pouring that blood –
and pouring it into our coffers!
Oblivious to the cries of the Lord
for his ravaged people!
Pouring their blood into our coffers!

To refurbish our sanctuary –
that contains our Altar of Sacrifice –
the primary structure in our church!

No! Not the tabernacle –
the primary structure in the Church!
It is the ALTAR of sacrifice!

How much more blood
to be spilled before we are converted!?

If we were before the Judgement Seat today –
how would we answer the questions
asked in Math. 25, –
the Lord asking us about the homeless,
hungry, destitute, naked ?


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